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Professional learning videos need to be authent...

Professional learning videos need to be authentic, vetted, catalogued, searchable, and clipped so that teachers see in practice just what they need to see and cut out all of the superfluous things that we all know and understand happen around the target event being observed. In this way, teachers can find just what they need and see exemplars that demonstrate best practice in a practical way.

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As the Staff Developer for a district focused o...

As the Staff Developer for a district focused on implementing high effect size instructional strategies we created an effective Learning Targets rubric to help teachers self-assess! We follow the work of John Hattie, and knew that the most effective practice was student co-creation of the rubrics and targets, but we weren't sure what that even looked like. During a classroom visit, I saw a teacher actually co-creating the Learning Target with students and a lightbulb went off in my head, "THAT's what it looks like!" So, I asked if we might videotape her routine so that other teachers might see it as an exemplar. She agreed. We created it. Our public relations manager assisted in formatting it and publishing it. Then, I was able to use it to train at the next training session. The response? Teachers were immediately trying it the very next day, and sharing their attempts! The video example gave them just what they needed, from a colleague right in their district, and made it feel very "do-able"!

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Flipped and Blended Professional Learning for Educators

Time is a limited resource for teachers. The ability to access quality professional learning in an asynchronous format might transform the practice of those teachers who seek that balance of their personal and professional life. While Twitter is one of the most highly used PD formats for teachers currently, it is limited in its scope. The capabilities of seeing into quality instructional practice through video are growing and a much-needed resource for teachers. But how do we access quality equipment, sound, and properly catalog the resources so teachers can access what they need "just in time"? As a Staff Developer, I constantly seek ways to help teachers grow without "sit and get", in ways that meet them with what they need, when they need it. Developing a video library of best practice strategy exemplars might be one way to meet this need.

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