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Michigan's Integrated Mathematics Initiative

I'm interested in high quality math education for all students, including those with disabilities, those who struggle, and those who persistently underachieve. To this end, I'm particularly interested in the adult role in student achievement and how choices we make, about our own understanding of math, instructional moves, engagement techniques, and assumptions about students, can impact a student's experience in school. I'm also interested in standards-based grading, effective professional learning, and the power of really good instruction to increase academic learning and improve behavior in the classroom.


iSee: A Video-Feedback Process Focused on Teachers’ Own Goals

Picture a place where teachers from across the country come together and ask of each other, “How am I doing?” and “How can I do better?”<br><br>Innovator Kate Fanelli has designed a feedback process to give teachers specific suggestions for meeting their own goals for improved instruction. The process uses a free online platform that lets teachers share and comment on videos of teaching. Teachers take turns uploading videos of their own teaching with requests for feedback on specific aspects of their practice, while the other teachers review them and offer suggestions.<br><br>Use this recipe to join or create a community of teachers engaged in the iSee process.



Getting helpful, unbiased feedback on your teaching in a safe, constructive manner could be available whenever you need it. Yet too often teachers have no way to access this kind of feedback. iSee connects educators to get anonymous, concrete feedback to improve practice.<br> <br> Sign up to try out Kate's idea <a href=""> here. </a>

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Do you see what I [can't] see?

Reflection and practice are key to professional learning. I took an online class where we responded to a prompt, and then got 3 other responses to comment on and score according to some criteria. Ours would go into that pool and we’d get feedback from 3 other people. I liked the simplicity - just 3 people - not a long stream of comments. And not too much work for me. I didn't have to comment on more than 3, so I could take my time and be thoughtful. I also liked the anonymity - no biases or agendas (good or bad) when it's strangers, and not colleagues. This idea could be used for professional learning through video. I could post a question and a short video. 3 people would comment on it, and in return, I'd do that for 3 others. I could note people who gave particularly helpful feedback, and ask them to evaluate other videos, or just stay in the random system. Being able to use my own video to improve my reflection and practice would add a layer of depth and perspective to my professional learning.

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Video needs to include a chance to watch oursel...

Video needs to include a chance to watch ourselves and each other, and then communicate directly about them, in addition to the endless libraries of "how to" or "exemplary" type teaching videos. Being able to do this pseuo-anonymously, across state lines, would be great. Also, having a way to make engaging amateur video even better would be good. Commenting needs to be more direct to the person, with a move away from long comment streams that are hard to keep up with and locate specific responses in.


I have used various videos like TED, Teaching C...

I have used various videos like TED, Teaching Channel, or youtube for what I'll call "examples" of teaching, but the most illuminating use of video was when it was required in my undergrad student teaching, and in my grad TESOL class. Both times I had to video tape myself for later observation. The experience I had in real time was totally different than what I saw on video, including weird mannerisms, confusing explanations, and children crawling around on the floor under their desks (how did I not see that in real life???). Video taping for self-critiques and reflection was very illuminating, entertaining, and humbling.

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