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I am currently beginning my third year as a goal clarity coach in louisville, Kentucky. I taught for ten years before taking on this role. I am the co-director of the Louisville Writing Project and have taught college courses at UofL. I have published two books and love writing! I love education and working with anyone that has a passion for changing the world one child at a time. I have won a creativity award and was named the 2012 Kentucky elementary teacher of the year.


Follow up is the key!

what video PD typically lacks is follow up. Create an online community via a wikispace or Twitter group to be a follow up group that holds one another accountable for implementing what they learned in the PD. We often attend PD both virtually and live and are excited to try new things but there is rarely a follow up piece with the presenter or group attending. This can really change and spread an idea to impact the students. People could then videotape themselves using the idea presented and share with others too. Teachers could use similar reflections to the ones used by National Boards! All PD needs this follow up piece in my opinion to really get to the desks of the students. Teachers learn many great things over the years but how many make it in to the classroom??

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