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Elevating Professional Development with Cameras...

Elevating Professional Development with Cameras in the Classroom - Using VIEWpath and SAFARI Montage LOR most of the hurdles of creating a library of Authentic videos is for PD is a a reality. Teachers can record them self as often as they like and only need to go back and watch the ones they want. The rest are automatically removed from the system. You never know when that moment you want to capture is going to happen. Newton County Georgia creates between 600 and 800 teacher recordings a day. You should be able to find some good moments to share in that stack. Making the process easy for the teachers is the key. They also decide what is shared or deleted.


Ease of Use

It can not be something that is checked out or only the top 10% are comfortable with or the impact will be minimal. It has to be easy enough that all teachers can use it and have the quality necessary to be useful. Use an EduCam360 IP camera and VIEWpath it is possible.

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