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Robert Frost Sixth-Grade Academy

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Sometimes in teaching work becomes procedural and routine. Some systems/platforms for the management of professional growth experiences are not inspiring and do not engage the teacher into the professional growth process. GROW is a web platform that provides teachers stimulating online-content as they engage in the professional growth process. GROW intentionally includes videos with kids to remind teachers of their importance. As teachers complete steps in their professional growth process, they will receive badges to their online Twitter account.


Challenge Tasks

We often struggle with PD resulting in action occurring in the classroom. Have PD tracks that people can choose from, for example classroom management or using data to drive instruction. Each track will have so many Challenge Tasks that they have to complete/achieve. The tasks start of easy to give people a sense of success and then get harder like how video game levels get harder. For each track there is a video that explains the core research behind the challenge task and a kid in the video challenges the teacher to the task. If you complete every track available you get a special certificate. If you can prove how track completion increased academic performance of students in your classroom you will be featured in a blog as a star performer and be invited to share a video of you stating the impact and explaining how you implemented the task in your classroom.

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