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Angela S

Glen Burnie High Scool


Closing the Achievement Gap through AP

More and more school districts are in the race to close the Achievement Gap, and many are using AP as a main solution. But at what cost? As administrators push guidance counselors to flood AP rosters with students, the rosters of truly capable students appears diluted. Yet should AP classes only be for the top performing students? So now, many AP teachers are faced with teaching a rigorous curriculum to classes full of students who fall all over the spectrum of knowledge and abilities. How do AP teachers close that supposed gap by fulfilling all the educational needs of the diverse students sitting before them?

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Collaborative Coaching for Teachers and Students

Video in the classroom allows for a platform for teachers to not only collaborative with superiors, but with colleges in evaluating teaching practices and identifying deficiencies in those practices where ideas and suggestions can be made for specialized professional development. But video also serves as an opportunity for the teacher to see where students are in need of support in the form of instructional practices that all's the teacher to seek individualized solutions, possibly what professional development they would benefit from. By using real time and extended recordings of lessons teachers are able to see how they are as teachers day to day and how those needs for further development plays out more comprehensively.

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