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There needs to be a complete video data base th...

There needs to be a complete video data base that is searchable by subject area, grade level and strategy. There also needs to be multiple videos that show the struggles and challenges of implementation. Currently most videos seem to just show exemplar practice.

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Action Plan follow up .... Create our own video

I have seen many videos for PD over the years but never asked to do anything with the content in my classroom. Any form PD needs to be followed by an action plan. How am I going to use what I learned today to make my classroom better tomorrow? What if PD video sites had lists of possible action plans and a space for teachers to post their own follow up videos? Teachers could talk about how it work for them, the pitfalls and struggles of moving from watching PD to making real change in the classroom. This would make a great collection of videos for all teachers to view and learn from in the future. The videos can be organized and cross referenced by subject, grade level and strategy, giving every teacher an anchor for their learning.

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Take Learning Off the Clock with Content Learning Outcomes.

Schools need to move away from seat time measuring learning model that we have been using for the past 100+ years. Education should focus on learning not how many hours/years a student has been in school. Many students today learn to "play" school instead of focusing on learning. Schools become daycare in this model. Schools should allow students to work at their own growth rate. If they can cover the learning in 6 months they should move on, but they should not be moving on just because the school year has ended. Education should shift to define essential learning skills that students need to master before moving on to the next leave of learning (or course).

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Our staff recently use videos from the Teaching...

Our staff recently use videos from the Teaching Channel to look at ways other schools use learning targets. The use of videos helped show us good examples of how other schools made the transitions to using target that we are currently going through. It is nice to see other examples rather that just seeing them in a book. It can be hard to find examples that fit your specific genre of teaching but at least seeing into others classrooms make the learning more meaningful

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