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Get Students Involved

I work primarily with language learners, but I also work with quite a few struggling learners. My idea is that we get the kids talking on video. Ask them what helps them learn, what teachers can do to make their instruction more helpful and effective. Too often we forget to rely on, or even to simply ask, our biggest resource. Kids know a lot more about their own learning than they realize.

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Academic and professional speaking is a critica...

Academic and professional speaking is a critical form of expression for language learners. Students learn that language has power to connect; they feel empowered to extend their curiosity, with increasingly self-driven learning. Attached is a video my students considered one of their all-time favorites. In their video, they sought ocean experts to answer their questions. It resulted in Skypes w/ 2 responding oceanographers. Those conversations shifted student ideas of learning for the remainder of the year. They'd been inspired to question more, re-consider "audience" (now they had evidence were "real people" were out there!), and motivated to use more complex language. All from a "simple" video.. I now envision synchronous & asynchronous videos (for other time zones) to connect my highschool students for deepened academic conversation and responses to real-world issues. Ultimately, students will teach others how to create this same type of collaboration via their own best practices.

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