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Dawn F

Jefferson-Lewis BOCES

special education, Math, Common Core


Using Video in Special Education Programs

I would love to have access to classroom teacher video of techniques to use in the special education setting. This could be useful in two ways: 1) the supporting teacher could learn the techniques and concepts presented in the classroom and break them down for the students who struggle 2) the special education teacher would be able to enhance and scaffold the content and share it back with the classroom teacher so that he or she could better help students in the classroom setting.

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I have been working as an instructional coach f...

I have been working as an instructional coach for the past year. The premise of my employment was that I would coordinate a group of district level coaches and implement a peer coaching program in a district in my region. I was so excited to get started! I had to ease my way in so I would just go and watch with no expectations of follow up conversations or topics to watch for. Inevitable, we would have a conversation after the lesson and the teachers began to trust me. Unfortunately, the year is now over and we were just getting to the point where we could start working together in a more purposeful way. We were just starting to introduce teacher-led PD at faculty meetings. I hope they continue but it will have to be without me.