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Teachers at the Center of Matching Theory with Practice

The project involves taking professional learning from those most intimately involved with the Common Core--from the authors to the work team and validation team members and putting it directly in front of teachers without being "filtered." Moreover, the learning will come with free and vetted resources as well as lesson demonstrations.

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The professional learning cannot live in a vacu...

The professional learning cannot live in a vacuum. Each video must be accompanied by well-vetted curricular resources and evidence-based pedagogical moves. Consequently, educators can apply what they are learning and match theory to practice. This is what classroom teachers did in Reno, Nevada through the Core Task Project. Teachers would meet to review free video from those who were willing to have their voices recorded and posted at place like Youtube and Vimeo (e.g. David Coleman, Dr. Freddy Hiebert, Dr. Karen Wixson, Dr. Lilly Wong Fillmore) and then take lessons and resources into the classroom to see how students responded. Moreover, often teachers would volunteer to be taped and a community could watch the learning unfold through lesson demonstrations. This was a teacher-driven effort that cost the school district almost nothing and was easily scaled across buildings and classrooms.

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We developed the Core Task Project in Washoe Co...

We developed the Core Task Project in Washoe County, Nevada (Reno). The effort was teacher-driven and involved teachers finding great professional learning experiences (more often than not on Youtube) and sharing them with each other. In turn, we would find or create curricular resources matched to the learning and take everything through the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle—something akin to Japanese Lesson Study. Instead of others going to conferences and telling teachers what to do, we flipped the script. We found the conference keynotes (academics like P. David Pearson, Timothy Shanahan, Dan Willingham) and brought them to us through video. It was teachers who coconstructed meaning from these videos and were able to match theory to practice. And, because all the video was online, our effective cost was nothing.

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