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Lisa H

Palmyra Area School District

I am passionate about teacher voice, collaboration, innovative instruction, and leadership. I have been a high school Social Studies teacher for 14 years and I am Social Studies Department Chair and Association President at Palmyra Area High School in Pennsylvania. When I am not in the classroom, I plan and implement professional development, serve as a district Keystone Technology Integrator and a lead teacher working with the Literacy Design Collaborative framework. In my spare time, I am an instructor at the post-secondary level, working closely with pre-service teachers. I come alive when I can connect teachers, help them use their voice to re-shape the national narrative on education, and work to redefine our professional development. This is why I co-founded the National Blogging Collaborative, which helps other teachers blog. It’s also why I am so excited to be a part of the Redesign Challenge.


Is there an app for that? Surprise me!

"First, I identify an analogous problem in nature and borrow from it." <br> ~Philip Emeagwali.<br> <br> Contrived. Uninspired. Disorganized. Obsolescent. There is no question that we have a problem with PD videos. In Stage 1, many RDC innovators mentioned that PD infrequently involves teacher voice and choice. When educators do turn to videos for professional learning, they can be far too long or simply irrelevant.<br> <br> Where might we look for an analogous problem with an inspired solution? <br> <br> My mind went immediately to the “hugely popular” TED app. In creating the app, TED identified the target audience for their talks as “intellectually curious global citizens with limited time.” Intellectually curious and time starved . . . that IS an educator. Like TED aficionados, teachers may not know exactly what they want to watch and they want to be wowed, but they also have a limited amount of time to spend searching for valuable PD videos that meet their individual needs.

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