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Kristin M

Northwestern High School

Technology integration, standards based grading, real world problems, problem based learning, growth mindset



The teacher has a problem with getting actionable feedback from multiple sources about their teaching practices to improve instruction, student relationships, etc. Currently teachers can receive feedback from an instructional coach or administrators that might observe their teaching. The number of observations and feedback varies from school to school. Respond solves that problem by putting teachers in control with resources to use student and professional feedback alongside personal reflection and data analysis to track teacher improvement.


Video Learning with Accountability

Create an accountability group for your personal growth. The group should include, but not be limited to, a colleague that teaches the same subject/level, a colleague that teaches a different subject/level, an administrator/coach, and multiple students. The accountability group will help you to reflect on strengths, weakness, and specific ways to improve. There will be a cycle that continues throughout the year of videos and reflection to help all see the growth.

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I was last videoed in my practicum experience. ...

I was last videoed in my practicum experience. I remember how challenging it was to watch the video. Watching the video showed me how much I talked, controlled the class, and stayed in one part of the room. It is for teachers to have a false impression of our teaching and classroom. Video evidence holds the greatest conviction for teachers about their teaching. I know I have forgotten this practice, but plan to implement video and reflection of my teaching next year. As educators we can not stay comfortable where we are, but always strive to grow.

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