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Small Bite Videos with Micro Credentialing

What has a shorter attention span than a goldfish? Apparently, a person! That's why I think 4-5 minute, highly specialized videos are the answer. Here is how it would work: *Exemplary practice is videotaped. For example, if the lesson involved questioning techniques, then the video would be indexed "CCSS, Grade 4, ELA, Informational Text" or something similar. *"Pop up" video lines will appear at the bottom of the screen providing key contextual information, teacher meta-cognition, rationale, etc. In the above example, the line could be "the teacher chose to ask this question because..." *A micro-credentialing star system could be used and include analytics. For example, 100% of 4th grade teachers in California found the video effective/highly effective. *Personalization possibility: Strategically selected reflective questions could be specifically geared--by instructional coaches, principals, etc.--to the individual watching the video.

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Videos are way too long! I don't have time to w...

Videos are way too long! I don't have time to wade through countless videos trying to find the useful ones. I think it would be great to have micro credentialing so I could determine which videos are considered high quality by my peers. I also think making them more specific would be helpful. For example, maybe tagged like: Third grade teachers uses process for teaching close reading.

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I have found short (4-5) minute videos with a s...

I have found short (4-5) minute videos with a specific focus (e.g., unpacking a standard, designing a learning objective, creating a formative assessment, etc.) to be the most helpful. Recently, a colleague of mine began editing these "small bite" videos to include reflective questions and running commentary. I really like both features because I get the chance to independently deconstruct the video, but I also like the straightforward presentation of information (after all, I don't always know what I don't know and no amount of reflection can necessarily change that:) Finally, I enjoy the streamlined focus--finding the right video is easy and efficient.

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