Mindi K-R

Shelby County East Middle School

I enjoy professional communities and learning from my colleagues. I was a participant in the KCM MaRTI cohort this past year. An experience that was well worth the time. I love to bake and decorate as well as do craft type projects.


Student Learning Communities

What if we flipped the community of professional learners to student learners? I would envision small groups of students reflecting on the lesson that was just taught as well as their learning. If we could video that, the feedback we could glean could help change our teaching to better meet our students' needs.

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Lesson Planning and Assessment Formation

Much of our focus has been on videos that would show us master teachers at work - teaching. What about an insight into the master teacher planning? What does it look like when the master teacher plans a lesson, or perhaps a unit? I would like to see how other teachers take standards, deconstruct them, develop summative and formative assessments and then develop lessons from that information. What goes through the mind of a really good teacher in this process. In addition, how about what the reflection looks like. I would imagine we would have to see the entire process from lesson plan to implementation (teaching it) and then the reflection process. I know that we don't always do all of those steps in a formal fashion but it would be great to have insight into the master teacher planning.

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Technology Integration

There are so many "things" out there for technology that it is difficult to sift through all of them. What does an technology-integrated classroom look like? I realize that we need to take small steps, but how do you take that first small step? I know that I need assistance in this area because I don't want to be integrating technology just because it is technology. I want it to be useful for the students and for me. I want to use it so that my students can master the material. What does that look like?

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Personalized Learning for Teachers

Instead of doing a "blanket PD", we need to personalize learning for teachers more. We are all in different spots with our journey. It would be wonderful if we could use professional learning videos to watch, learn and then practice in small groups.

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Reflect, Improve, Impact

Video tape you or your colleagues teaching an entire lesson. Include not only teacher dialogue but zoom in on student dialogue. Reflect on just a small part that you want to could be the opening question, the way you facilitate discussion, or maybe your reflection at the end of the lesson. Pick one area and generate ideas to improve just that one small part. Then in a few weeks, video the same class again, look for the changes you have implemented, and then see the impact on student learning. This is a cycle and it could continue all year.

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My coach and I used a video of a lesson to help...

My coach and I used a video of a lesson to help my professional learning in two ways. First, was for my own professional growth. I wanted to see how much "talking" I was doing. My coach scripted my lesson and I used my script and the video to work on getting better at the workshop model. Second, was to help me with my students and to help my students with their speaking and listening growth goals. After the lesson, I watched the video not only to see myself but also to see how my students were answering the questions. I think that this kind of professional learning would be invaluable. If I had clips of "real footage" - teachers teaching, students learning, etc., how powerful that tool would be. I could see us doing this and then analyzing just a small clip during data team or our professional learning communities. I know that just from analyzing that one video, I learned so much about myself and my students, way more than sitting and listening to someone speak about the workshop model.

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