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Sharing Locally, then Nationally!

We started peer observations in my distinct in 2007. Most teachers were not comfortable with other teachers in their room observing them. Over the past 8 years, it has become a positive experience. Most of the time, the observers feel like they got more out of observing than being observed. You learn a lot when you watch a great teacher! We are ready for the next step. We need to record observations and share them with our Learning Teams. This library of recordings could be shared with our district, then a network can be built across the state and nation.


How do we know someone is a good teacher? How do we REALLY know if WE ARE a good teacher?

Teacher evaluation is a really tough subject. Most teachers get a feel for the effectiveness of another teacher by seeing how they interact with their students. But how do you measure that? Is there a measurable and reliable way to determine a teacher's effectiveness besides just standardized tests? Yes! We know they're learning our subject area, but how can we prove it? Let's explore this issue and learn from each other.

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My school district is revamping our evaluation ...

My school district is revamping our evaluation process. One of our biggest issues is the cost of getting substitutes for the peer observers. Most of our teachers would prefer to stay in their classrooms, but they also want to take on the career ladder position of Team Leader. That requires observing other teachers as many as 10 observation per year. As I read the original idea of using video to do this, I envisioned using this technique in our school. I'm looking forward to learning more from other teachers as we share our experiences on this site!

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