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Video inspiration through the eyes of a child

Being a middle/high school teacher, I often compete for my students' attention when in class. In reflecting on the awesome webinar I just attended on the Redesign Challenge, I am inspired when thinking about how I might "hack" some ideas together to answer today's writing prompt. As Chris Bronke states, "vulnerable confidence" is the main ingredient to the mindset of great hacking. I asked myself what I would wish for if money, time and resources were no object. I can picture my students and I working on creating a video package of how to transition new teachers into classroom management. Even the roughest toughest disengaged student comes to life on Facebook, Snap Chat and Instagram. It excites me to think of incorporating real life scenarios and student voice/acting skills to create a meaningful and fun way for students to 'teach' the teacher.

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I love using video clips as a quick way to intr...

I love using video clips as a quick way to introduce background knowledge, or introduce a visual/audible example of business/marketing concepts. The most effective use of video however, is when my students are responsible to show evidence of their learning by capturing their work on my class iPads. Students have used aps like iMovie to create compelling commercials, presentation clips, etc. Here is a great example of how my entrepreneur students made commercials for their food truck businesses they created.

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