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Change the Framework of PD

Here are some strategic and tactical steps to consider when leveraging the power of video into teacher PD. Strategic Plan 1. Reach consensus of what good teaching is. 2. Agree on a set of shared values & beliefs. These should be the compass used to evaluate your success. 3. Maintain a culture of trust. Without trust, you’ve got bupkis. 4. Develop and maintain a library of videos. 5. Create a template growth plan for teachers. A teacher may want to research how to run procedures instead of focusing on the broad category of ‘classroom management’. Tactical actions 1. Generate a ‘need to learn’ by doing an activity such as ‘what I want parents, peers, and students to say at my retirement’. 2. Encourage teachers to view videos with a partner/team. 3. Make a growth plan, view videos, reflect, and adjust the plan. Frequently. 4. Coordinate the PD with the evaluation model (not the formal evaluation). 5. Celebrate growth. Often.


Our district became a Google District in Februa...

Our district became a Google District in February of 2014. Although there were optional training opportunities offered, this caused a heightened strain on the already overtaxed Information Services department. In response, I offered 12 Google PD sessions in order to share resources with others. We set aside an hour during our work day to learn more about Google. We spent the first 30 minutes watching a recorded webinar. We used a back channel so participants could record their thoughts/questions during the webinar. It also offered opportunity to answer each others questions and share ideas. The last 30 minutes were spent exploring and testing what we learned. There was no agenda and the teacher leaders were free to explore whatever they they were interested in. My role was that of a co-learner and facilitator. I learned more in those 1 hour blocks about technology than I did as an undergrad pursuing a Computer Science Minor. A bonus was that 'tech buddies' continue to share resources today.

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