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Lyndsay Nottingham

Boone County Schools

Current ELL paraeducator with the Boone County Schools; also a pre-service teacher. I am a huge advocate of #edtech and look forward to collaborating and finding new ideas to redesign what I've learned thus far.


I actually just participated in a live mock-int...

I actually just participated in a live mock-interview, as the interviewee, for #ptchat and #ntchat. It provided an opportunity for many of us to interact all at once. It was rather nerve-wracking being able to see myself in an interview and also see the reactions of multiple people; however, it was a great learning opportunity! I also am lucky enough to have a video recording to review how to interview even better the next time! I highly recommend videotaping yourself to see how your present yourself. It's a wonderful opportunity for growth. If anyone is interested, I attached the link to my blog post about this opportunity, which also has a link to the video.

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