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Videos and Pinterest

I have multiple Pinterest boards filled with hundreds of articles that I've found over the years. In some cases I have videos as well. I group the articles around common themes, such as project-based learning or PBIS strategies. While thinking about this question it occurred to me that I could do the same for videos, which would allow teachers in my building easy access to content that is related to an area of growth or topic of interest.

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I like to use videos of other teachers using te...

I like to use videos of other teachers using techniques that I would like my teachers to use. It helps for them to be able to see a strategy or lesson implementation prior to doing it, and it creates more buy-in when it is the video of a peer, rather than a teacher leader or admin telling them about how to use the strategy. My county has moved to some systemic videos for training tutorials, such as dealing with blood-born pathogens or sexual harassment in the work place. After watching the videos, there are quizzes that need to be completed. This is not as effective, because people can share answers and are doing so out of compliance, not for true professional development. I like the idea of flipped learning for PD purposes, but it has to be personalized and directly connected to an individual teacher's area of growth.

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