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Preparing Future Teachers for Professional Learning

As I think back on my 4 years of undergrad work and then 2 years of graduate school, I had absolutely zero training on how to become a better teacher. All of my training focused on being a teacher. I spent hours writing lesson plans and units, but I didn't spend any time reflecting on that work. And when we think about what makes a truly effective teacher, reflection is a key part of that. Using video to do this would provide a lot of opportunities for reflection and improved teaching. Teachers could record themselves teaching, and then analyze what is working well and what needs to be improved. Teachers could also live steam their teaching through Periscope, so they could receive feedback from people across the country. This interaction on Twitter not only gives the teacher feedback on teaching, but it also develops that teacher's network of colleagues. Finally, the Periscope feed could be used as a Twitter chat starter in which a group of teachers could provide insight and feedback.

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I think it is important that we not limit our v...

I think it is important that we not limit our vision of videos of professional learning to just watching another teacher or ourselves teaching. Our practice can be impacted by any kind of video whether it is a movie, a TedTalk, a YouTube video, or even a music video. Anything that stretches our professional thinking and makes us more effective in the classroom is an effective use of video to promote professional learning.

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The teacher leadership team at my school has be...

The teacher leadership team at my school has been trying to figure out a way to have instructional rounds, but with hectic schedules and the everyday operations in a school, there was no way to do it. During lunch duty one day, I turned to another teacher and said, "Why don't we just video tape it?" I can't believe we didn't think of it earlier. But the next day, she went in with an iPad, recorded the lesson, and the next day we were able to watch it. We used our district's evidence collection tool, and we just analyzed evidence and which domain the evidence would fall in to.

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