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Model 360

In the words of Kate Walsh, the president of the National Council on Teacher Quality, New teachers “don't know how to teach reading, don't know how to master a classroom, don't know how to use data." The Model 360 protocol provides both novice and veteran educators with structured hands-on training that builds capacity for reflective teaching.<br> <br> Too often are teachers expected to sit at professional development sessions ranging from two hours to three days and close the achievement gap upon returning to their classrooms. Model 360 provides educators with a video-based forum to impact teachers’ instructional practice and students’ progress.


Model 360

Making high quality modeling of conceptual, procedural, and applicational learning accessible to students around the world in high poverty and low teacher retention neighborhoods.

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My experience with video has been videotaping m...

My experience with video has been videotaping my practice and reflecting on how it meets the needs of my students and teachers. I did this as an pre-service teacher at Stanford, to obtain National Board certification. I currently use video as a coach to refine my practice and that of the teachers on my caseload.