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LA Urban Teacher Residency

I believe that by sharing our stories we can inspire and empower one another. As Field Director for the Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency (LAUTR), I have the privilege of working with pre-service teachers committed to working in historically undeserved communities. Prior to working with LAUTR, I was a founding teacher and principal with a charter network in California. Last year, I was selected as a National Teacher Fellow with Hope Street Group—an experience that has given me a strong foundation in teacher advocacy. I am always interested in finding ways to amplify teacher voice, particularly in policy decisions that affect our profession. I am an avid writer and proud to be a Teacher Consultant for the National Writing Project. My essays on education have been published in ASCD Express and In-service, CATE, and in the anthology What Teaching Means.


Adapt this Idea: Simulate a trip to Mars!

After ten days doing mock experiments in a simulated Martian environment, astronauts climbed into their “spacecraft” and then sat there for 240 days for their trip home. The spacecraft did not literally move, but time most certainly did! While inevitably a taxing experience, the simulation sought to prepare the astronauts for the real thing—a journey to and a landing on Mars. The Red Planet is a staggering 140,000,000 miles from mother earth. As if not grueling enough, the simulation included fake technical problems and emergencies. This is all in the hope that we might someday visit the planet Ray Bradbury envisioned (at least fictionally) we could one day colonize. More proof of the potential for simulations? Simulator training alone qualifies a pilot to fly a new airplane for the first time on a revenue flight.

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