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Feedback From All

Having conversations around PD videos and anything related to our practice is important for growth. Reflecting and building off one another's ideas is so important and I think we need to make sure to get feedback from a variety of stakeholders. If a video is posted conversations including student, parent, teacher, and admin voice would complete the circle in truly communicating around educational practices. It would allow everyone to look at the same piece of media, yet it would be through multiple lenses, which would allow us to create a space for collective efficacy and growth.

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Video Blog

Teachers are blogging about their practices everyday. It would be interesting to see a teacher blog via video and be able to watch the videos as if they were episodes of her/his classroom. I think watching the classroom unfold and seeing the success and challenges would be inspiring.

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Borrowing from #kinderchat

#KinderChat has a symbaloo where the document all resources shared throughout their chats. This could be a great place for people to post PD videos that they create or find and they can be categorized by topic.

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Twitter Chats

Post a video every month around a certain classroom practice, questioning techniques, collaboration, etc allowing plenty of time for educators to watch the video. (The video should be more of a clip, nothing too long) It could even be an motivational video or TED Talk. Despite the subject matter teachers could get together and discuss the video around some guided questions to generate ideas and thoughts from their experience. Some might even share their own strategies that relate to the video. #VideoCollab

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I love utilizing technology in the classroom an...

I love utilizing technology in the classroom and I find that using tutorial videos via YouTube are very helpful in learning how to utilize all the new and upcoming technology quickly. It gives me a quick overview, which then allows me to think of multiple ways I can implement the new technology with my students.

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