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Heidi G

Davless Public Schools (Kentucky)


Crowd Sourcing Teaching Strategies

A website that houses thousands of short videos of best teaching practices in action. These videos would feature teachers from varying grades, subject areas, specialties, and special education categories all doing the same strategies but adapted for their specific area.

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For years, there was little to no PD for teache...

For years, there was little to no PD for teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing in the state. I had to beg the school for the deaf if I could attend PD theirs or travel out of state. Can you imagine what it was like to not have learning opportunities close to your home in your specialty? It was beyond frustrating. There wasn't even a professional organization for DHH teachers in KY. So one day, 5 years ago I had enough. I emailed every DHH teacher I knew and recruited a group to help form a DHH teacher organization. Before we even filed our articles of incorporation, we started offering 1-2 hour PD during our planning meetings. This quickly grew into Saturday PD. Then, less than a year after filing our incorporation papers, we had a 2-day summer conference. This year will be our 4th annual conference where we will have 19 breakout sessions on a variety of topics just for us! Sometimes, if your needs are not being met, you have to take the bull by its horns and lead!

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We know that good teaching is good teaching. Ho...

We know that good teaching is good teaching. However, sometimes it is difficult to determine how to transfer that good teaching into our own practice, especially in special education or certain specialty areas. I may read about or watch a video of a teacher modeling a technique but may be unsure how I would apply that technique to my instruction. One time I spent a day facilitating discussions about how the Common Core would impact instructional practices for teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing. Throughout the discussion, teachers kept wanting to see things in action. So that afternoon I went home and searched through my collection of videos I recorded for self-analysis and brought them in the next day for the group to watch, analyze and discuss. Even though it wasn't a perfect video, teachers felt more comfortable after seeing my strategies in action. As we are moving to increase teacher effectiveness and, ultimately, student outcomes, videos demonstrating best practice are key to professional learning.

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