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Encourage Schools of Education to create Real-time Partnerships with their local school districts

Time and again the conversation of inadequate teacher prep becomes the elephant in the room during conversations about new teachers--and certainly contributes to the problem of new teacher retention many states and districts face. If classroom teachers really want to reshape teacher education, then they need to be part of the solution. What if schools of education partnered with local schools and districts so their ed courses were taught within the school buildings--and the professors worked with their teacher candidates not in a university classroom, but in a real school with real teachers and real students doing real work? We know the best collaborations are built through relationships, so why can't we find a way to really foster working relationships between universities and the school districts in which their graduates teach?

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Teacher Practice in Action

I think the best videos for Professional Learning have multiple components. I personally like a video in which a teacher talks about the background/context that brought him or her to the inquiry addressed in the video. Secondly, I like to see the teacher implementing the strategy/system/concept with his/her students. Finally, the best professional learning for me is learning that keeps me honest. Teachers need a reflective/responsive component: reflective writing, an action plan, an inquiry, a logic model--whatever mode will hold him/her to trying the practice is critical.

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In the past, I've used video of my students to ...

In the past, I've used video of my students to illustrate the teacher moves I make when working with students in literacy instruction. This is especially helpful when I'm providing professional development, because then attendees can see--in context-- the strategy I'm offering. In addition, I often embed other video for use as a shared text for the group, or to illustrate an idea--or as a prompt for us to write into the day.

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