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Story From The Field

“Personalizing PD through Video and Student Work”

Teachers collaborate to identify and try out instructional practice that works

How To Guide

“Personalizing PD through Video and Student Work”

Implemented by
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Elaine S

Based on Ideas by

Angelique , Rebecca L

Inspired by the Experiences of

Heidi G, Jackie G, Katie H

Teachers collaborate to identify and try out instructional practice that works

What You'll Need

Effort Hours Days Weeks Months

Bank of videos that illustrate an instructional practice and connect it to specific gains in student achievement Recording device(s) Computer Internet Access Software/application to create interactive video (like Zaption)

How To


The teacher identifies an area of instructional focus based on goals for student learning and specific data about student achievement. Simos had individual conversations with each teacher on her team in order to determine a clear area of focus and strategies that focused on collaborative learning.One thing that was common about all of the conversations was that they were directly tied to the teacher’s observation of student demonstration of mastery of a skill and supported by both qualitative and quantitative data.


The teacher individually watches and processes another teacher demonstrate the instructional strategy. This occurs in a learning team with a common focus and is facilitated by an instructional coach. Simos located a classroom video that focused on the type of strategy that would support the team’s common goals,input a video into Zaption with questions embedded to guide processing- before,during,and after.Each team member watched the video prior to the follow-up Google Hangout.


The learning team and facilitator develop a blueprint for trying out the strategy and collecting evidence of student learning. During a Google Hangout,the team discussed:the strategy discussed in the video,the steps the teacher in the video put into place,the learning demonstrated by the students,the ways in which teachers could incorporate this strategy into their classrooms


The learning team individually views and processes the new videos, followed by group processing analysis, evaluation, reflection, and goal setting. This step of the recipe was not addressed in the pilot.


The team members may choose to repeat the cycle, join a new learning team with a new focus, etc. This step of the recipe was not addressed in the pilot, although nearly 100% of the pilot group expressed interest in continuing on to explore the next steps of the recipe.


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