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Want relevant & engaging ways to discover new ideas and instructional practices?

In Stage 1, Ana, Derek, Katie, Rene, Rob, and many other educators shared that tailored, realistic video - from classrooms and other professions - makes more of an impact than current video offerings. In Stage 2, Ashley, Efundunke, Faith, Fred, Heather, Katie, Kristin, and Marisa shared their ideas for personalizing PD video and bringing inspiration to educators. Check out how they're bringing these ideas to life to transform PD.

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Robert Frost Sixth-Grade Academy


- Computer with Internet Access
- GAFE account
- Videos that challenge teachers to think about their instructional practices. A variety of videos were chosen for the mock-up. These videos found on YouTube may change.
- KY Framework for Teaching (You can also use Charlotte Danielson Framework, or the framework you use in your district.)
- Google form for self-reflection survey
- A Twitter account for the teacher


Problem Statement & Description

Sometimes in teaching work becomes procedural and routine. Some systems/platforms for the management of professional growth experiences are not inspiring and do not engage the teacher into the professional growth process. GROW is a web platform that provides teachers stimulating online-content as they engage in the professional growth process. GROW intentionally includes videos with kids to remind teachers of their importance. As teachers complete steps in their professional growth process, they will receive badges to their online Twitter account.

How To


This recipe is currently being tested. Check back later for step-by-step support.


The teacher clicks Enter to gain access to self-reflection


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