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In Stage 1, Ana, Derek, Katie, Rene, Rob, and many other educators shared that tailored, realistic video - from classrooms and other professions - makes more of an impact than current video offerings. In Stage 2, Ashley, Efundunke, Faith, Fred, Heather, Katie, Kristin, and Marisa shared their ideas for personalizing PD video and bringing inspiration to educators. Check out how they're bringing these ideas to life to transform PD.

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Ashley LS

North Oldham High School


Computer with Internet Access Facebook account


Followers must accept community guidelines


Colleagues must have positive attitudes and teach various contents Colleagues must be willing, open, and transparent

Curio Challenge


Problem Statement & Description

Teacher burnout is a well-documented phenomenon. There are many reasons for teacher burnout, but two of them are feeling a lack of autonomy and a lack of inspiration. Teachers have a problem with monotony and cynicism toward lesson planning and collaborating, and engaging learners with relevant material. It is difficult to find inspiring content worthy of classroom use, or to know how to implement all of the web content they encounter everyday into the classroom in order to better engage learners. Curio provides an option for solving this problem by creating a community of shared curiosities, and providing opportunities for teachers to discuss possible uses for them.

How To


Invite a small test group of colleagues to join a Curio Challenge Facebook group.


Introduce group guidelines and pose first topic.


Each member submits inspiring web content and reflections on the content.


Each group member is challenged to integrate web content posted to the group into their classrooms within the following 2 week time frame.


Share insights on the process.


Refine the process if necessary.


Enable group members to choose topics and invite new followers.


Enable new followers to become autonomous.

Evidence to know we're on the right track

Teachers effectively integrate posted web content into their classrooms as measured by active involvement in the Facebook group and user survey data. Teachers take control of the Facebook group by posting without prompting. Teachers invite other followers. Follow up surveys will track implementation of posted web content. Perception surveys will track whether or not the experience increased a teacher’s attitude toward planning or content and student engagement.

Protips for Practical Problem Solving

Develop community guidelines. Careful moderation of Facebook group.

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Over 5 Years Ago

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Lisa H Community Guide

Palmyra Area School District

I am so excited to see Curio work!

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