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In Stage 1, Ana, Derek, Katie, Rene, Rob, and many other educators shared that tailored, realistic video - from classrooms and other professions - makes more of an impact than current video offerings. In Stage 2, Ashley, Efundunke, Faith, Fred, Heather, Katie, Kristin, and Marisa shared their ideas for personalizing PD video and bringing inspiration to educators. Check out how they're bringing these ideas to life to transform PD.

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Fred E

Putnam/Northern Westchester


-Smartphone or video camera
-Educators and students to serve as subjects and users
-Permission forms to be taped (or opt-out forms)
-YouTube account
-Knowledge of using YouTube to upload and do a basic edit of videos
-Branch point list (either the one provided below or one self-designed)
-Screencasts on YouTube “how-tos”.


The goal for this recipe is to have four to five recipe samplers create videos and then upload and annotate them. The community for this recipe can be any educators, working with any group of learners.


-Time requirement (video design will take time) Please allow twenty to thirty minutes for video upload and editing. The amount of time could certainly vary based on the video, the editing, and the upload speed.
-Users will need to see value of process and how the time invested will equal more effective teaching and learning.
-Consider privacy. Do you have permissions to film students? Will you be able to post these videos for public viewing on the web? Will you be using an opt-in or opt-out form (opt-out forms provide the easiest way to do this).
-Don’t provide too much choice! Two or three options for each branch point is more than enough! Choice should never go so far as to create flexibility fatigue!

Choose Your Own Video (#CYOV) - Video Creation/Annotation Test


Problem Statement & Description

Educators today may feel that current video-based professional development lacks their input, and therefore, is less relevant to the learning they need to experience. Choose Your Own Video can potentially solve that problem by engaging users in the power of choice. This recipe is to test the video creation/annotation part of this potential solution using at least three video pathways.

How To


Do one of the following: <br> -Record yourself completing some sort of task or activity. Make breaks in the video at appropriate points where you could build in "pathways" to viewing. <br> -Record yourself or another educator introducing a concept to students (these clips should be no more than ten minutes in total). These introductions should show best practices for introducing an idea, concept, or strategy. They should not be program dependent (i.e. you wouldn’t use a practice tied directly to Singapore Math).


Using either the branch points below, or ones that you select and create, take video footage tied to your focus from step one that addresses each branch point (note that the branch points supplied are tied to education, if you chose option one from Step 1, you'll have to design your own :).


Upload your videos to YouTube (you must watch the screencast “how-to” that can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pamRE3iV6WA ).


Create annotations in YouTube using “I wonder” or “To see” statements (for instance, “I wonder how this lesson would progress if the teacher was working with a group of students” or “To see how the teacher reflects on the learning in this lesson, click here” and that are tied to a branch point. Include the link to the video with that branch point (you must watch a screencast showing how to add annotations that can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub1E_umcEYk ).


Repeat Step 4 for all branch points! Note that if you created a non-educational video first, we would like you try to designing a video with learners, once you've got the hang of the process!


Looking for branch point ideas. Here are some based on crowd-sourced data: <br> Planning (this could involve the teacher doing planning and narrating, or walking viewers through the planning process for this lesson) <br> Working with Individual Students (In this branch point, the teacher would be working one-on-one with an individual student, or would be coaching an individual student as they work independently) <br> Working with Groups of Students (This could exist as either a whole class mini-lesson, or a segment where the educator moves from student group to student group serving as a coach, facilitator, or learner) <br> Reflecting (Here, the educator would narrate on the reflection they’ve done on the lesson and lesson process)

Evidence to know we're on the right track

We'll know this test has been successful when participants are able to create their own CYOVs with the assistance of the recipe and two screencasts provided (these can be either classroom or non-classroom based). Evidence we can collect will be based around the following questions:
- Were we able to successfully record a number of video segments tied to educational and/or non-education concepts/activities?
- Were we able to successfully upload our videos to YouTube using the screencast supplied?
-Were we able to successfully annotate our videos using the screencast supplied?
- Did the potential value of the videos outweigh the cost in time to make, upload, and annotate them? Why or why not?

Protips for Practical Problem Solving

- In future tests, you don’t have to use YouTube (this test is just to see how "smooth" the process can be if YouTube is used as a starting tool. Feel free to explore other media capture tools (here’s one site that shares a few different tools that could be used: https://blog.bufferapp.com/video-tools) and share your findings on which work best!
-Your branch points are allowed to be different! Ask yourself, “What matters most to my audience?” The best option? Give your audience a say in what branch points are used!
-Decide whether (or not) to include comments and open up your videos to community feedback!

Discussion (2)

Over 3 Years Ago

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Mona Voelkel

Kensico School

So excited to participate in the "Choose Your Own Video" PD! So many interesting ideas!

Over 3 Years Ago

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Fred E

Putnam/Northern Westchester

:) Can't wait to work with you!

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