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Want to take PLCs to the next level?

In Stage 1, Aaron, Asim, Katie, and many other educators shared the importance of collaborating with colleagues to reflect on and apply lessons from PD Video. In Stage 2, Elaine, Jessica, and Rachel shared ideas to use video to improve collaboration with colleagues. Check out how they're bringing these ideas to life to transform collaborative PD.

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Rachel S


computer, internet access, recording device


Ideally we will have three to five people who are able to give feedback on the video provided


Guidelines for Giving Feedback: 1.) Focus on behaviors not on people 2.) Be specific 3.) Use “I” statements, not “you” statements 4.) State Observations, not interpretations 5.) Remember the 3 C’s: Caring: Be kind in your comments, and remember to be careful with humor, especially sarcasm Content: Keep the comment content based in the teacher’s specific questions or hopes, or based on the learning objective Conventions: Try to make your langauge as clear and easy to read as possible 6.) Make sure feedback is actionable

Teacher Space


Problem Statement & Description

Often feedback is tied only to evaluation, and time for collaboration can be hard to find. Teacher Space solves this problem by providing virtual learning communities that support teachers with ongoing, non-evaluative feedback on their practice. In the end this will create a collaborative community of online support for small groups of teachers.

How To


Read the commenting guidelines (under "Conditions")


Watch the five minute video clip that is shared with you


Give feedback to the teacher with the guidelines provided as time-stamped comments


If interested, you can comment on other comments, starting a conversation

Evidence to know we're on the right track

1.) Teachers give feedback that is received as helpful and actionable 2.) Teacher receive feedback and take action on it

Protips for Practical Problem Solving

To make a time-stamped comment on youtube, type the time before you write your comment (ex. 3:47 100% of students were looking at the teacher)


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