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Want great feedback in a safe and supportive space?

In Stage 1, Kate, Kristin, Robert, Shelia, and many other educators shared the power of viewing video of our practice and getting actionable feedback. In Stage 2, Chris, Kate, and Shelia shared ideas to ensure teachers have access to supportive, meaningful feedback to strengthen practice and improve student learning. Check out how they're bringing these ideas to life with educators across the country.

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Kristin M

Northwestern High School


GoogleDrive Students Video Camera Devices with Internet access for students


2 teachers or a PLC


The teacher needs to be willing to open the door to their classroom to allow other people (students) to watch them teach (through video) The teacher needs a growth mindset that is focused on making improvements.



Problem Statement & Description

The teacher has a problem with getting actionable feedback from multiple sources about their teaching practices to improve instruction, student relationships, etc. Currently teachers can receive feedback from an instructional coach or administrators that might observe their teaching. The number of observations and feedback varies from school to school. Respond solves that problem by putting teachers in control with resources to use student and professional feedback alongside personal reflection and data analysis to track teacher improvement.

How To


Create a short (4-10 min) video for a segment of your class.


Rename and create links from the premade surveys from GoogleDrive to give to the following groups of people: “Class Survey” Your class (students that you teach) “Student Survey” Students (that you do not teach) “Personal Survey” **Note this is the same survey, but three separate files so that you can differentiate between the groups.


Save your video on your computer as a file (you may upload the video to Youtube or Vimeo and keep private).Watch the video and answer the “personal survey” yourself then reflect on what you saw


Have the students in your classroom watch the video and complete the “class survey”.


Send the video to another class (students that you do not teach). These students will watch the video and complete the “student survey”.


Analyze and reflect on the survey data by following the analysis form


Complete the teacher “Respond Test Cycle 1 Survey”

Evidence to know we're on the right track

1. Teachers use student feedback to improve their teaching practices. 2. Teachers become more aware of their teaching practices. 3. Teachers have a positive response to student feedback.


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