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Want great feedback in a safe and supportive space?

In Stage 1, Kate, Kristin, Robert, Shelia, and many other educators shared the power of viewing video of our practice and getting actionable feedback. In Stage 2, Chris, Kate, and Shelia shared ideas to ensure teachers have access to supportive, meaningful feedback to strengthen practice and improve student learning. Check out how they're bringing these ideas to life with educators across the country.

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-Teacher with a problem surrounding student learning (e.g. students are struggling with deeply comprehending nonfiction texts)
-Minimum of one teacher and one coach/specialist willing to collaborate on video
-Network of peers and or coaches to help with refinement
-Video recording equipment (e.g., Smart Phone)
-Video editing software (e.g. YouTube, Windows Moviemaker or iMovie)
-Digital repository to house videos and lesson plans (i.e. Dropbox or Google folders)


-Minimum of one teacher and one coach willing to collaborate on video
-Time set aside for collaboration and coaching
-A network or community is available to help refine solutions after seeing them in action


-Coaches are able and willing to provide the support needed
-Trust is a must
-Teacher is willing to implement the solution in the classroom on video

Teacher Feature Network

Problem Statement & Description

Teachers have a problem with feeling devalued and isolated when they experience problems in their classrooms that are centered on student learning. Who can they turn to for support? The Teacher Feature Network provides an opportunity for teachers to learn from one another by creating a venue to feature their problem-solving strategies and explore the strategies of others.

How To


Teacher identifies a problem of practice in his or her classroom


Teacher elicits support from an instructional coach or specialist


Teacher and coach collaborate to devise a solution to the instructional problem via a detailed lesson plan that contains strategies novel to that classroom


Coach or specialist provides feedback on the draft lesson plan and offers suggestions for improvement and resources to help the teacher make those improvements


Teacher and coach work together to finalize lesson plan


Teacher implements the lesson as a means to solve the initial problem and this lesson is recorded. Recording includes a summary of the initial problem, the steps taken to potentially solve the problem, the teaching and learning that happens in the classroom, a teacher reflection, and reflections from at least three students


Video is placed in the network community and additional coaches and teachers offer advice for refining the solution (lesson) PLC style


Teacher implements refined solution and records another reflection stating what the refinements were and how they improved the lesson


Teacher’s videos are pieced together using video editing software and is listed as a Featured video in the Teacher Feature Network


Users can search for the problem by category (i.e. subject area, focus, skill, standard, etc.) and view the video showcasing how the teacher solved the problem and can even download the lesson plan that “solved” the problem!


A survey is administered to featured teachers to ensure that they feel valued and measure their willingness to return to the platform

Evidence to know we're on the right track

Survey teachers to find out whether:
-Teachers have a network of educators with whom they can brainstorm to solve instructional problems in the classroom
-Teachers who are featured feel valued for the hard work they do
-Teachers in the network are inspired to solve problems of practice in their classrooms

Protips for Practical Problem Solving

-Involve instructional coaches or specialists that are supportive and have good communication skills
-Don’t fret over videos not being perfect-classrooms aren’t always perfect!
-Avoid editing out “teachable moments” so users can really experience the authentic classroom
-Secure permission forms for every person in the video, including coaches if they are filmed


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