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How might we enrich video with other resources or experiences so that it better supports your practice?

In Stage 1, we heard that watching a video by itself isn’t often helpful.

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Beth F

carter elementary

Follow up is the key!

what video PD typically lacks is follow up. Create an online community via a wikispace or Twitter group to be a follow up group that holds one another accountable for implementing what they learned in the PD. We often attend PD both virtually and live and are excited to try new things but there is rarely a follow up piece with the presenter or group attending. This can really change and spread an idea to impact the students. People could then videotape themselves using the idea presented and share with others too. Teachers could use similar reflections to the ones used by National Boards! All PD needs this follow up piece in my opinion to really get to the desks of the students. Teachers learn many great things over the years but how many make it in to the classroom??

Potential Impact

Teachers would have to implement what was learned. Maybe require some type of video follow up before they receive credit? Videos could be a database for anyone in education.

Possible Implementation

Create a space online where links to videos are shared. Create a blog where teachers can share experiences. Each video could have its own group so that only those attending each video pd can chat about their specific pd

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Val B Community Guide

Seminole County

Welcome to RDC, Beth and thank you for contributing your ideas! You are speaking my language when you include the follow-up piece. I think a lot of PD misses the boat in that regard. You mentioned receiving "credit." What are you thinking about in that area? Is the online community a group of coaches or is it mostly peer feedback? Love what you started here. Thanks again!

Over 5 Years Ago

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Beth F

carter elementary

I think the online community can be both peers and coaches all working together and sharing! For credit I was thinking of districts that have requirements where teachers must participate in a certain number of hours a year. They could receive credit towards these hours for the online pd if they also submit a video! I have a million ideas floating in my mind about this and love the idea of online learning as long as it leads to something meaningful! Follow up is so important And critical to success. As I mentioned before professional development has to make it to the desks of the students! As a coach and professional development leader I feel so passionately about that. The online community is wonderful but it's hard sometimes to see the follow up without the personal relationship. Requiring a follow up video keeps the pd going and makes it meaningful.

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