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How might we enrich video with other resources or experiences so that it better supports your practice?

In Stage 1, we heard that watching a video by itself isn’t often helpful.


Elizabeth G

Capital High School

Add short assessments to engage learning

Add short quizzes/tests within the video or at the end of the video the keep participants engaged.

Potential Impact

I can sit and watch a video and drift off if I'm not engaged. I think that if there is a way to have the video chunked up into 5-10 minute lessons and at the end of the lesson, the participant had to answer a short quiz to continue on with the video, it would keep us on our toes. True/False questions mixed with other types of questions like multiple choice and matching can change up the style.

Possible Implementation

Work with company that can integrate quizzes with the video. Or, have quizzes at the end of the video that participants had to pass before getting their PD credit. There are a variety of platforms that offer online schooling such as

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Over 5 Years Ago

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Val B Community Guide

Seminole County

Thanks Elizabeth. I do believe that using engagement strategies is important as we think about the videos. I definitely think this idea will keep teachers cognitively involved in the video. What do you think would need to happen to get teachers to try implementation?

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