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How might we enrich video with other resources or experiences so that it better supports your practice?

In Stage 1, we heard that watching a video by itself isn’t often helpful.



Berea Community High School

Video + Skype + Twitter

PD Videos can be extremely long and extremely lonely. Short Video vignettes paired with a Skype and/or Twitter experience can add to the experience and develop effective PLNs. Have four 15 minute vignettes with 5 minute reflection and discourse can truly enhance the learning experience.

Potential Impact

Teachers from the same school, district or teachers from around the world can learn and share ideas in real time at on as needed basis. Cost is minimal, and engagement is high.

Possible Implementation

Using various platforms this can be achieved. While similar ideas may be in place, surrounding this in a easily accessible venue will enhance implementation.

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Almost 4 Years Ago

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Kip H Community Guide

Oldham County High School, ECET2; ECET2KY; Hope Street Group

Welcome to the RDC! I agree that Skype and Twitter can truly add to the experience and create definite "takeaways". I am curious how you would pair the videos with these platforms. What would the experience look like for a teacher/administrator/coach/etc... after they watched the video? Would they have a chat via Skype or Twitter? Thank you so much for sharing!

Almost 4 Years Ago


Berea Community High School

Actually this idea came from watching my college age daughter and her love of of B movies..."kids nowadays" actually get together through Skype and host viewing parties. Throughout the movie they make comments in real time, as well as use the chat room feature. Her ability to watch a movie with 3 people from other nations and state, as well as the commentary that went along with it, amazed me. In raw form there would be the following; 1. Library of professional development videos 2. These videos would be broken down into small vignettes 2. Each vignette would have 2 discussion questions 3. The vignettes could be accessed through Skype or Skype like platform. 4. It could be something a school could pull up to use with specific teachers and schedule times or 5. Could be facilitated like TwitterChats.

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