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How might we enrich video with other resources or experiences so that it better supports your practice?

In Stage 1, we heard that watching a video by itself isn’t often helpful.

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Elaine S

Downers Grove North High School

Video + Processing + Reflection

Developing a series of videos for professional learning that not only highlight a lesson or strategy but also give viewers/participants a chance to "check in" on their understanding and thinking about both the teacher and students' actions, along with giving viewers/participants a place to reflect on the potential classroom applications of the lesson observed would be a very powerful component of PD that incorporates video. Next steps? Expanding the conversation from one teacher or group to a network of educators making implementation plans as a group--within a school, district, region, etc. or across a wider expanse-- and then share results based on both observations and student work. Bridging the focus from instructional practice to student learning is vital in understanding exactly how, where, and why one's classroom practice is being transformed to positively impact student learning today and tomorrow.

Potential Impact

Using a tool like Zaption (or EdPuzzle) would make the process accessible to all designers of/contributors to PD and would help customize PD to the needs of districts, schools, departments, and teachers. It might be really interesting to offer a video with a single focus, a video with multiple foci (instructional practices/ techniques) from which one could select a major theme, a "mash-up" of videos centered on a particular strategy or group of student behaviors or needs, etc. The varied possibilities would highlight the reality that there are multiple ways to approach an instructional challenge, each of which may be the best choice in that situation.

Possible Implementation

Designers/facilitators upload videos (original or obtained via Internet on sources including Teacher Tube, Teaching Channel, etc.) to the site, designating processing points w/in the video with accompanying questions to facilitate viewer processing. Finally, the designer provides a place for reflection about and application possibilities of the lesson, strategy, etc., examined in the video. A teacher could a teacher access the materials, whether in cooperation with a coach, administrator, a learning team, or on his/her own, after identifying a need. Preparing to work with the materials would then focus the teacher's understanding of the strategy, its purpose, its research basis, etc. Pre-viewing work could be done singly or in a small group, depending on the educator's situation. The teacher then views and interacts with video individually, followed by conversation and consideration with a partner, coach, or a group of teachers.

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Christopher B Community Guide

Downers Grove North High School

This is a cool idea and seems like it could be powerful. Would there be a "reviewer" or someone to give feedback on that reflection? Would that be someone from the PLN or someone from the site that hosts the videos?

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Elaine S

Downers Grove North High School

Definitely--working in isolation would be a contraindication here. Ideally, the "reviewers" could be an educator from the teacher's school/district and another person from the wider PLN that is also examining the same or a related approach. The perspectives could be multiplied as much as the goal allows--discussing a lesson with a colleague at a campus across town and another across the ocean would be an incredibly valuable experience.

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Lisa H Community Guide

Palmyra Area School District

A common frustration with video-based professional learning is that we aren't processing videos in a way that is meaningful. Your idea attacks that problem head on. Zaption is a great tool to use as a model. As I read your description, I also thought of TEDEd. I love when teachers use their own best practices for professional learning! Good stuff here!

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