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How might we enrich video with other resources or experiences so that it better supports your practice?

In Stage 1, we heard that watching a video by itself isn’t often helpful.

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Roland Park K 8 School

Teacher reality show

Using reality show tools such as the confession box in collaboration with video to get to the thought process behind the choices they make . Film several lessons this way and have Twitter chats to follow up/comment during the session and to get/give feedback Impact: adds depth and thought process to video pd How: can be done using iMovie (simple) Implemented in a small or large group regardless of geographical locatio

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Kip H Community Guide

Oldham County High School, ECET2; ECET2KY; Hope Street Group

Hi Jaraux! So excited to see you on the RDC and welcome! Feedback and reflection are so important and I love that your idea would allow for both. I am curious about confession box because I'm not too familiar with it. Will this allow the teacher to display their thoughts while others watch the video? Also, would the video be shown to a large group with a twitter chat follow up? Thank you for sharing and looking forward to TAC! :)

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Roland Park K 8 School

Hey Kipp, The confessional box is an opportunity for the teachers to explain their thought process during specific points in the video. It would be video taped and, depending on what they are using, inserted into the video ( small box on top) or cut the video, insert the confessional, then continue the video (like in reality tv shows). Hope that explains it....let me know if not and I can create an example. See you soon. Jaraux

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