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How might we enrich video with other resources or experiences so that it better supports your practice?

In Stage 1, we heard that watching a video by itself isn’t often helpful.

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jozette m

West Generation Academy Denver CO

Video inspiration through the eyes of a child

Being a middle/high school teacher, I often compete for my students' attention when in class. In reflecting on the awesome webinar I just attended on the Redesign Challenge, I am inspired when thinking about how I might "hack" some ideas together to answer today's writing prompt. As Chris Bronke states, "vulnerable confidence" is the main ingredient to the mindset of great hacking. I asked myself what I would wish for if money, time and resources were no object. I can picture my students and I working on creating a video package of how to transition new teachers into classroom management. Even the roughest toughest disengaged student comes to life on Facebook, Snap Chat and Instagram. It excites me to think of incorporating real life scenarios and student voice/acting skills to create a meaningful and fun way for students to 'teach' the teacher.

Potential Impact

The effects of this idea are multiple. First, it becomes a class, where students are given a 'challenge' of course to 'create difficult real-world scenarios with teachers.' It also gives new teachers and teachers who struggle with CM the ability to 'see' students that might be potential problem children, in an educational, engaged capacity, where they are a source of "the mash up of learning."

Possible Implementation

This could be piloted using a leadership class, an advisory period, or perhaps a class with adult volunteers ( teachers, community members, parents and business partners.)

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Brandy P Community Guide

LA Urban Teacher Residency

Hi Jozette--I love the idea of involving students in professional learning for teachers. Would target teachers be participants in the video (like a simulation) or would they watch the videos? What follow up, if any, would be expected of those who watch and/or participate in the videos?

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jozette m

West Generation Academy Denver CO

In my mind, I see students as actors in the videos, paired with teachers. It would be fun to see students in the teacher roles and teachers in the student roles. I feel that so much of what we learn is in the "doing" and so, to develop a system of team facilitating while producing videos specific to the needs of my school, I feel all will have a better chance to learn, teach, and grow. I have a movie in my head right now, where the "disruptive" students are filmed as teachers, and perhaps the teachers have the opportunity to act like the students. I think it would be helpful in the videos to have stopping points, with essential questions on the screen like "how can Mr. Rodriguez get Manuel to pay attention without shaming him or putting him on the spot?" The question time of the video would open up group discussion. Oooh, i writing this, it might be fun to have several outcomes pre-filmed to show the cause and effect. Regardless, I love the idea of teachers and students working together on this. So often, PD video is passive; showing a one sided view of what happens in the classroom. I am wanting to make the process very interactive.

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Jozette, I think this is a really interesting way to get student voice involved in a way that honors their contributions and supports teachers' cultural responsiveness. I wonder about how to provide the right support for students to maximize their voice. The training that the Student Board and Project VOYCE had helped our students use their voice for transformation. Please keep me posted! Debbie Hearty

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I love this idea of empowering students to take on the role of teacher, especially in an area that so many teachers find to be an obstacle to their success. If you decide to make it happen, I'd love to help get the word out and add it to our PD tools. Some thoughts - I would rebrand the idea so that the title better represents what you are envisioning. Could you add real classroom content where skills you are suggesting are seen in practice (in addition to the student role plays)? Maybe it's a series of videos where each clip targets 1 specific CM skill?

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Jozette, I really like this idea! I think that giving students the freedom to create their own scenarios will create some really powerful learning for teachers and others. I wonder, though, how will you editorialize the content to make it the most USEFUL for training teachers, as opposed to the most interesting and/or enlightening. Are there certain lessons that you and other teachers have learned that you want to make sure get some air time during this series?

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Michael Dunlea

Ocean Acres Elem

Hey Jozette, I love this idea because if involves the students so centrally. I feel like that is one of the strongest elements so is there a way the new teacher could view the video product and then replicate the process so his/her students would be empowered and come up with their own suggestions for engagement?

5 Years Ago

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Jessica C

Vista Peak P 8 Exploratory

Way to bring your #awesomeself and #fabideas to the Redesign Challenge! Psyched to get to connect with you and work on our respective challenges at the upcoming Innovator's Weekend!!! I'm thinking a great deal about using videotaping to leverage powerful instructional practice and get teachers teaching other teachers and I love that your idea is student-centered and involves the students intimately in the work. I'm wondering how I might reframe my own challenge to involve students in the feedback loops on teacher practice -- thanks! :)

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