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Lawrence S

King High School

Developing Champions for kids

Each teacher who would like to be involved must create a mini TED talk explaining how they promote a "championship" mentality in their classroom

Potential Impact

Each student builds a positive, winning attitude with the approach of I am winning my race in education

Possible Implementation

In the fall teachers volunteer to be on the Champions committee who will create, promote, and initiate schoolwide TED talks centered around how to build winning attitudes per subject area/class as well as how to overcome the most challenging circumstances outside of the class.

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4 Years Ago

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Christopher B Community Guide

Downers Grove North High School

Lawrence, thank you for joining the RDC and sharing your idea. I like the idea about having to submit a TED talk, but I am unclear on for what they are submitting the video. If their TED talk is good, what are they joining or being part of? Can you help better define the end game of this idea?

4 Years Ago

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Lawrence S

King High School

Thank you for checking out my idea. My thought is based on TED talks but it would be school based and cater to the culture of the school. The teachers would create the videos to challenge, inspire, and help drive conversations about reaching students. The "champion" statement is from the Rita Pierson TED talk and the reason it is the focal point of my idea is because the mindset of educators can become rigid and fixed. The end game would be real conversations, ideas, and mindset shifts amongst educators that can permeate to the children they service. I know I have done refining to do now but again thank you for helping me go deeper into the idea.

4 Years Ago

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Brandy P Community Guide

LA Urban Teacher Residency

Hi Lawrence--I think this idea has so much potential to inspire both teachers and students! As an aside, I love that Rita Pierson TED Talk. After viewing the videos, what would follow up look like for participants (both those making the videos and those watching the videos)?

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