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How might we enrich video with other resources or experiences so that it better supports your practice?

In Stage 1, we heard that watching a video by itself isn’t often helpful.

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Pittsburgh Perry Hs

Preparing Future Teachers for Professional Learning

As I think back on my 4 years of undergrad work and then 2 years of graduate school, I had absolutely zero training on how to become a better teacher. All of my training focused on being a teacher. I spent hours writing lesson plans and units, but I didn't spend any time reflecting on that work. And when we think about what makes a truly effective teacher, reflection is a key part of that. Using video to do this would provide a lot of opportunities for reflection and improved teaching. Teachers could record themselves teaching, and then analyze what is working well and what needs to be improved. Teachers could also live steam their teaching through Periscope, so they could receive feedback from people across the country. This interaction on Twitter not only gives the teacher feedback on teaching, but it also develops that teacher's network of colleagues. Finally, the Periscope feed could be used as a Twitter chat starter in which a group of teachers could provide insight and feedback.

Potential Impact

The potential impact of this project could revolutionize teacher preparation programs. If we can better prepare future teachers for what makes effective teachers so good, then we will have more effective teachers in front of more students. If teachers are already being reflective in their practice before they get into a classroom, hopefully fewer teachers will get burned out and stay in the classroom rather than looking to change careers after a couple years.

Possible Implementation

In order to implement this idea, current teachers would partner with local colleges and universities and either teach or co-teach a course that would prepare future teachers. The course could be based on reflection and the different ways that effective teachers grow professionally.

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Christopher B Community Guide

Downers Grove North High School

Hey Derek; thank you for sharing. Can you be more specific with the ways in which video would be part of this and how it would help develop this partnership as well as help pre-service teachers?

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Pittsburgh Perry Hs

I think one of the ways that teachers are able to reflect on their own practice is by watching video of themselves and of other teachers. Seeing yourself delivering a lesson and reflecting on that video could be really beneficial to beginning teachers. Seeing and reflecting on a video could also build confidence which is one thing a lot of beginning teachers lack. If a teacher is already comfortable with the recording and reflection process, then it is not as intimidating to do it again! I know at my school, we are stuck in a space where everyone thinks your class needs to be totally in order to record it. Teaching is like writing! It is always going to be messy, but once we start reflecting on it and seeing what makes it good, it is amazing what comes out of it.

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Brandy P Community Guide

LA Urban Teacher Residency

Hi Derek--I think you're absolutely right about reflection being integral to professional growth and learning! I also like that current teachers (those of us in the trenches) are helping to prepare pre-service teachers. How do you envision integrating videos into the coursework?

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Pittsburgh Perry Hs

I think one of the most practical ways to reflect on your teaching is to record yourself and watch yourself. There is a lot of fear behind it, but if it is a regular practice for pre service teachers, then they will be more likely to do it and use it once they are in a classroom full time.

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Kip H Community Guide

Oldham County High School, ECET2; ECET2KY; Hope Street Group

Derek, I love the idea of working with Universities and teacher prep programs! Do you feel that live video could be utilized for whole class reflection? Could students watch other students/master teacher live in action, reflect, and then meet with master teacher in the afternoon using the video for discussion? Any thoughts?

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Mindi K-R

Shelby County East Middle School

That would be a great idea - even for teachers within a building, not just preservice teachers! To tape something you watched live and then be able to go back and get the parts that are meaningful would be wonderful way to dig deeper and hit on the nuggets that were seen. having the master teacher be a part of the debriefing would be crucial because then she/he would be there to answer questions -powerful!

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Dawn Oler

Hinsdale High School

In my high school Invitation to Teaching honors course I do this! EdTPA is being introduced nationwide and that is what inspired me to create a component of video in my class. High school seniors intern in elementary and middle school classrooms 60 hours or so a semester, those enrolled in the honors section must secure parental permission to videotape a lesson they teach. My student then reflects on their own teaching and they do a peer review of another students lesson. I provide them with guided reflection questions along the line of the prompts edTPA asks. I believe this is helping to better prepare them for their practicums and students are genuinely surprised at what works and what doesn't looking at their own teaching from multiple angles. I am including a link to one of my students portfolios, it includes 2 small video clips she made of her work in the classroom.

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Erica L

Vernal Middle School

Hi Derek! I think that this is a good idea for future teachers, but also it would be extremely useful for first year teachers as well. As a first year teacher myself, I want to know everything I'm doing well in my class, but also things I'm not doing so well so I don't create bad habits. I always would love another set of eyes in my classroom that are not my current co-workers. I feel that after a bit of time, there can be bias with in schools as the year goes on with students. This would be a great way to get a new opinion. A question I have is how easy would it be to set up a system to be able to stream?

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