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How might we enrich video with other resources or experiences so that it better supports your practice?

In Stage 1, we heard that watching a video by itself isn’t often helpful.

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Jewett School Of The Arts

It's NOT the video that's the Problem

The problem with video PD or any PD is not necessarily receiving the content it is the mundane questions that are used as follow up. You know the "Answer these questions so we know you watched the video" type of activities. The discussions with your peers and the sharing of ideas is what makes the PD go to the next level. Creating videos and placing them in an LMS so it is easily accessible makes for convenient PD, but convenience does not necessarily mean effective PD. Learning and efficiency does not always go hand in hand. What if we had teachers making videos to show what they have learned and these are the videos that are shared. Are we trying to reach for perfection or should we be thinking about helping teachers find their voice? Maybe the there are a series of videos ... one that starts the conversation ... the inspiration ... that is followed by other videos of teachers implementing.

Potential Impact

Impact ... imagine a group of teachers discussing what they have learned ... based on what I have seen on Twitter ... time to work together and discuss seems to be at the forefront of teacher wants. The potential impact of teachers conversing through personally made videos is what collaboration and learning is all about. We don't come to social media just to receive ... we come here to share and collaborate. What if the videos are contributions to the discussion in the form of "This is what I did".

Possible Implementation

The implementation is tough ... which is why most people will balk at it because you have to get people talking to each other and give them time. Google Hangouts or Twitter chats may be a way to get people talking about what they thinking or planning. Implementation can start in an LMS like Schoology or Edmodo, but I can see this spreading to a larger realm. Every school house sharing their best practices and how they are implementing.

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4 Years Ago

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Hi Dennis! So good to see you here. I agree with you in that a group of teachers talking will really make an impact. Learning is social, right? Check out Katie R.'s idea "Inspiring Educators Through Video," she mentioned a social aspect of it that you may be able to add too, and maybe you guys can even collaborate. Also, after we get people talking about what they are thinking or planning, what happens next?

4 Years Ago

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Hi Dennis--I completely agree! We all need time to reflect, process, discuss, etc. what we observe. I'm wondering how will you choose videos for the LMS?

4 Years Ago

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Jewett School Of The Arts

Hey Brandy ... I think the videos need to be timely as it pertains to the teachers at your site. Each school and in many cases each grade level have different needs, but yet PD seems to want to blanket everyone with the same learning activity. Let's watch a video on differentiated instruction ... a generic video watched by all teachers with each getting a general understanding, but know idea how to implement on their level. That is where targeted follow up discussions are key. Can either be F2F ... a GHO ... a twitter chat. Something that can get teachers talking about what they can do.

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