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How might we enrich video with other resources or experiences so that it better supports your practice?

In Stage 1, we heard that watching a video by itself isn’t often helpful.


Tonya W

Author and Consultant

Create an Online Hub for Teacher Inquiry and Innovationin

Create an online hub for teacher inquiry that helps educators use video to test and refine ideas based on their impact on students. Users engage via four parts of an inquiry cycle: (1) post or find a question for inquiry or problem to solve, (2) share possible solutions by posting videos and links. (3) choose one idea for action and post a video of your attempt, (4) analyze posted videos for impact on student learning.

Potential Impact

Online professional leaning with video is powerful when we shift the focus from passive watching of "best practices" or open-ended brainstorming to direct support for action and reflection. This site will drive a focus on collaboration at the point of what we don't know, the true opportunity for innovation and transformational professional learning. As the organization and design focuses on elements of powerful professional learning, there is a tremendous opportunity to build partnerships with organizations and leaders in professional learning to increase how many educators use this hub to share, test and refine ideas. There are no limits to the questions we can ask to deepen our impact, and the actions we can take to innovate how teachers and students learn.

Possible Implementation

The site can be used both by local teams that are engaged in an inquiry process (e.g. PLC, lesson study, action research) to expand collaboration and sharing beyond the team, and also by individuals looking to collaborate virtually with educators focused on solving similar challenges. The site can be used flexibly at any stage of teacher inquiry. Videos are posted in response to a problem to solve. The comment actions include: (a) describe observed evidence of positive impact on students in the video, (b) describe an observed challenge in the video or ask a question for inquiry, or (c) post a a video or reflection of action you took after seeing this video. Tagging makes the site content easy to find by subject, grade and content area as well.

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Almost 4 Years Ago

Tonya W

Author and Consultant

It will be ideal to use video tagging so people tag the section of the video when commenting so people who read the comment can watch the specific moment of video connected to that comment/question.

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