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How might we enrich video with other resources or experiences so that it better supports your practice?

In Stage 1, we heard that watching a video by itself isn’t often helpful.

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Using EdPuzzle: Interactive Videos

As a librarian, I want to use EdPuzzle to begin the discussion on diverse books. I planned to use this video ( along with the questions I created to support the national Twitter campaign under the hashtag #WeNeedDiverseBooks.

Potential Impact

Once I collect the questio feedback from that PD, then I want to host a podcast w/parents to further expand the the ideology w/my own brand: #diversifyme. This podcast would come from a literacy night on campus where the effects of reading are explained using information visual piktocharts. See link here: The night would culminate with a panel of parents discussing how they can promote #diversereading at home & in the community (e.g. partnerships w/public or school libraries, etc).

Possible Implementation

The library can acquire & check out tablets with EdPuzzle installed. Students can interview parents on what diversity in reading means to them. Or the students can show the video I created featuring the campaign, having their parents answer the questions embedded, which is great for working parents who may not make the Literacy Night.


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