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How might we use video to create professional learning experiences that inspire?

In Stage 1, you shared teaching isn’t just about skills and content knowledge. Professional learning experiences should also kindle our passion for this work.

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Shelia B

Teacher Feature Network

Picture this: A concentrated team of Teacher Feature Producers capture critical classroom moments that focus on valuable teaching moments and solutions to problems. The Bigger Picture: These moments begin with a problem of practice followed by the teachers' brainstorming and solution-planning. Once possible solutions are identified, the teacher implements the solution and student progress is captured on film at various intervals. Watch the magic: The final moments include the teacher's reflection and short student interviews demonstrating the impact of the solution, thus reminding teachers of why they chose this profession. More Pictures: Multiple teachers are identified by the Teacher Feature Producers OR by self-submission. A "channel" is created via internet to which all teachers in the district/CMO/organization/community have access and can comment and collaborate to solidify solutions.

Potential Impact

Teachers are reminded of the worthiness of their profession. By seeing a teacher work through a problem while aiming for student success, peer educators will not only learn new skills but also share in the critical moments where student success happens (Think: INSPIRATION). Students also benefit by receiving instruction that hones in on valuable skills.

Possible Implementation

A team of 5-6 Teacher Feature Producers (TFPs) is identified through an application process. All TFPs have access to recording equipment. A portal is created where teachers in the organization can submit problems of practice OR teachers are nominated by TFPs. Once selected, teachers will schedule time with a TFP to brainstorm solutions and set filming dates/times. The TFP edits the footage not to eliminate content but to keep the videos around 10 minutes and ensure that critical footage is featured. Once the video is uploaded to the Teacher Feature Network, peer educators can comment on the videos and collaborate in a space connected to the videos to further develop the solution so that practices can be emulated.

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Almost 4 Years Ago

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Rosa I Community Guide

Lawndale Elementary School District

I like this idea, Shelia! Teachers identifying problems of practice, teachers as producers, teachers collaborating and providing solutions, teachers implementing solutions, and teachers reflecting on the learning. You're right, it sounds inspirational. As a principal, I wonder how I might schedule these learning opportunities for teachers. Release time? weekly? monthly?

Almost 4 Years Ago

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Thanks! I envision that teachers would meet with their teacher feature coach at least three times to plan the solution and during the lesson at least once to receive formative feedback. They would meet after the lesson to discuss next steps and reflect on the lesson itself before the video would be posted to the Teacher Featurw Network. I envision that this whole process would take about 3 weeks. The best time to meet would be at the diacretion of the teacher (either during planning periods or after school). I think one release day in the beginning of the project for teachers to undergo a problem of practice protocol in teams would be great and would prepare teachers for the process of devising solutions. What do you think? Would these timeframes be realistic in your school?

Almost 4 Years Ago

You may want to consider having some student feedback. Students are more receptive when they feel their opinions have value. Each selected TFP should be asked to nominate a student to join the collaboration process. That would allow teachers to hear what students believe works and what needs improvement. Capture the classroom moments and then interview teachers and students about the collaboration process and results.

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