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How might we use video to create professional learning experiences that inspire?

In Stage 1, you shared teaching isn’t just about skills and content knowledge. Professional learning experiences should also kindle our passion for this work.

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Teach like TED

Fortune 500 CEOs and economic big-wigs spend countless hours refining their presentation skills. They study themselves on film, refine their presentations, focusing on so much more than just their verbal fillers or eye contact. And often do teachers, who by default are presenters, think about their presentation skills? What could education could if teachers thought of themselves as presenters, as TED talkers?

Potential Impact

What would happen if teachers used video and refined presentation practice to make sure that they are as focused on content and pedagogy as they are on presentation skills? This impact would be on every student that any teacher who chooses to take on this challenge teachers. And Now I Have Some Questions for You...
Considering some of the TED-style presentation skills as outlined in this blog and your own experience. What kinds of supports or steps might be needed to move our teaching into inspirational presentations and collaborations with students to enhance learning?

Be a divergent thinker - We need YOU to help turn this inspiration into an idea!

Do you accept the challenge?


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