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How might we make professional development videos easier to find?

In Stage 1, you shared that it can be challenging finding videos that not only fit into your schedule, but also match the subject, grade level, or practice you’re looking for.


Elizabeth G

Capital High School

Partner with another organization

There are numerous educational organizations and communities that are offering similar professional development opportunities. Partner up with one or more to try and expand your audience.

Potential Impact

I think that you can reach a larger audience.

Possible Implementation

Reach out to parntering organizations to see if they would be interested in the idea. Also, I know that the teacher unions have networks that offer training and professional development, too.

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Over 5 Years Ago

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Val B Community Guide

Seminole County

Thanks for contributing Elizabeth, and welcome to RDC. You mention partnerships, and I also believe that partnerships are extremely important. You mentioned expanding the audience. Do you believe that video PD is an awareness issue (i.e. teachers aren't aware of the offerings) or do you think it is something else? Love to hear more of your thoughts.

Over 5 Years Ago

Elizabeth G

Capital High School

Val, I think that it is a combination of both awareness and interest. In my area, teachers are still old school on training and it it's not offered by or sponsored by our district, many won't do it. Video isn't seen as credible training. And, the past safety trainngs that we have had to sit through were video based and were a joke. So, previous video trainings that many have been exposed to hurt the credibility. This thought just popped into my head this morning as I, myself, am getting ready to attend a training. Many teachers won't give up any more of their valuable time unless there is some sort of reward/incentive attached to the training. I'm excited for the STEM training that I'm attending this week, but there's an added bonus of very affordable graduate credit attached to it and a stipend. That makes the training even sweeter.

Over 5 Years Ago

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Hi Elizabeth, I also liked the idea of partnering with another organization. I think there are a lot of organizations already doing great things with videos. I know that you commented on my idea about twitter, facebook, etc, and one of the challenges I am thinking about with those is how to make the idea innovative and something that can be implemented. Do you have ideas of organizations that would be good partners or ways to make those partnerships sustainable?

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