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How might we make professional development videos easier to find?

In Stage 1, you shared that it can be challenging finding videos that not only fit into your schedule, but also match the subject, grade level, or practice you’re looking for.

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Samantha S


Borrowing from #kinderchat

#KinderChat has a symbaloo where the document all resources shared throughout their chats. This could be a great place for people to post PD videos that they create or find and they can be categorized by topic.

Potential Impact

This would be a site maintained and updated by the masses, which would allow a platform for all videos to be located and utilized by all teachers. I am not very familiar with symbaloo, but something similar to this platform would be a nice place to house PD videos.

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Over 5 Years Ago

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Kip H Community Guide

Oldham County High School, ECET2; ECET2KY; Hope Street Group

Hi Sam! So wonderful to see you again on the RDC! I love the idea of a site maintained by the masses so that it is truly led by educators! How do you see the videos being vetted? What process would allow everyone to keep the videos that are needed? Thank you so much for sharing!

Over 5 Years Ago

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Samantha S


Hey Kip, I think managing what is posted would be difficult. For it to happen I think the videos would have to go through a team, which then makes the idea not as authentic to all educators. There are comment options on Symbaloo and that could give a platform to post comments on videos for feedback and questions. If there was a way to design a system that was similar to restaurant ratings, videos could be started with testimonials to give a more detailed description of how it helped an educator's practice.

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