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How might we make professional development videos easier to find?

In Stage 1, you shared that it can be challenging finding videos that not only fit into your schedule, but also match the subject, grade level, or practice you’re looking for.

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Rachel S

Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Utilizing Existing Social Media to Access Videos

Accessibility is the biggest challenge for so many teachers. If I have to wait to find the right website, chances are I will give up. But teachers are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all the time! Why not partner with these social media outlets to create communities for teachers? This could make teaching videos easily accessible in the places that teachers are already looking. Through hashtags, groups, and boards, we can develop communities for teachers that doesn't involve toggling over to other pages. We could work to get sponsorship from Facebook to "advertise" the groups so teachers are likely to see it in their newsfeeds and join.

Potential Impact

This could have dramatic impact. So often there is incredible amount of work that is put into teaching projects that are unfortunately underutilized after the work is complete. However, by using social media platforms that have a world-wide audience, we can get the message out.

Possible Implementation

I could see this happening at a grassroots level, or by leveraging connections within the organizations like Facebook and Twitter, seeing if we can create mutually beneficial partnerships. Mark Zuckerberg has already proven to care about investing in education, why not investing in this?

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Over 4 Years Ago

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Brandy P Community Guide

LA Urban Teacher Residency

Hi Rachel--I think using social media to promote videos is a fantastic idea! There is so much potential to build professional learning networks and access high quality resources. What would be the method for selecting the most useful videos?

Over 4 Years Ago

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Hi Brandy, Thanks so much for commenting. I think there are a lot of ways that we could generate videos. Teaching channel is an obvious resource that comes to mind, but with such easy access to youtube and youtube editor, or even iMovie, I hope that teachers would be able to also post their own videos to start generating a video base. As far as selecting what is useful, I imagine that some of the features already on the social platforms, such as "liking" on Facebook of "favoriting" on twitter would start to select certain videos. In addition, if something like youtube was the host for the videos while they are being shared on social media sites, you can start to embed some of the features of Marisa N's idea of small bite videos with pop-up comments. Using search optimization could help with finding the right videos with the most likes.

Over 4 Years Ago

Elizabeth G

Capital High School

I've participated in twitter discussions and sometimes find them disjointed. If there was a platform where the discussions could be all warehoused it would be helpful. Have you ever used Schoology?

Over 4 Years Ago

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Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your comment. I agree that Twitter can read funny and feel unconnected. I imagine using a consistent hashtag could help with that, but maybe not organize as well as we might like. I haven't personally used Schoology, but some of the teachers I coach have used it. And actually, that's super connected to the idea that Zack and I have been fleshing out on his idea "Flip PD". We've been thinking through how we could use a LMS like Schoology to create school or district-wide structured PD. I'd love to get your ideas of how this could work logistically!

Over 4 Years Ago

Elizabeth G

Capital High School

When you use a platform like Schoology, you have an administrator/educator account and you can add anyone that you want. I can see having district coordinators who can add people to different courses. One person could handle the content and have administrator rights and then the rest can take the course(s). We had all our science teachers do our beginning of school training using schoology and our district person helped coordinate it. We even later added comments throughout the semester on how to improve the training and follow up to questions that others had.

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