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How might we make professional development videos easier to find?

In Stage 1, you shared that it can be challenging finding videos that not only fit into your schedule, but also match the subject, grade level, or practice you’re looking for.

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Lisa H

Palmyra Area School District


Is there an app for that? Surprise me!

"First, I identify an analogous problem in nature and borrow from it."
~Philip Emeagwali.

Contrived. Uninspired. Disorganized. Obsolescent. There is no question that we have a problem with PD videos. In Stage 1, many RDC innovators mentioned that PD infrequently involves teacher voice and choice. When educators do turn to videos for professional learning, they can be far too long or simply irrelevant.

Where might we look for an analogous problem with an inspired solution?

My mind went immediately to the “hugely popular” TED app. In creating the app, TED identified the target audience for their talks as “intellectually curious global citizens with limited time.” Intellectually curious and time starved . . . that IS an educator. Like TED aficionados, teachers may not know exactly what they want to watch and they want to be wowed, but they also have a limited amount of time to spend searching for valuable PD videos that meet their individual needs.

Possible Implementation

The solution may be found within a surprise. When you open the TED app and tap “Surprise Me”, it asks what type of talk you want to see. Something informative? Something innovative? Something ingenious? Once you’ve selected how you want to feel - the outcome of the experience - it asks, “How much time do you have?” So... whether you have 5 minutes, 15, or 50, there is an option that fulfills your needs. TED took a divergent approach to a site “search” - focusing on what users are in the mood for, rather than the content in which they are interested. In doing so, users are exposed to areas they might never have thought to explore. They are inspired by unlikely characters. And maybe, just maybe, they begin to understand a little piece of the world in a new way. Now, I have a few questions for you . . . How might this concept translate to educator PD? What new ideas does it spark for you? Be a divergent thinker - We need YOU to help refine this idea ! Do you accept the challenge?

1 Refinement

This is based on Lisa H's idea that education can use the idea of the TED app and its "surprise me" idea for getting viewers the video they wanted but didn't know they needed. I LOVE this and think...

Refinement of Is there an app for that? Surprise me!

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5 Years Ago

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Val B Community Guide

Seminole County

Lisa, thanks so much for posting this idea. I think what I like most about this idea is that "there's an app for that." Would an app help us with this challenge?

5 Years Ago

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I definitely think the "How much time do you have?" Is a great feature that addresses the time need. The new idea this sparks for me is creating something like Pinterest but with video collections. Teachers love Pinterest because they can quickly find what they are looking for but also because they can follow people with similar interests such as grade level, subject area, or teaching approaches. Take the same concept of 'pinning' and apply it to organizing video collections. This would also allow all users to 'crowdsource' videos by offering ratings, just as Pinterest does. Another advantage to this approach is that it just organizes and rates the videos that are already out there rather than having to create a whole new series and users would be the ones actually organizing them in a way that makes sense from a teacher's perspective. Instead of having Pinterest boards, teachers could have Video Boards. The Video Boards might even synch up to Pinterest boards which is where teachers could get a close up or photos of the resources being used.

5 Years Ago

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Mona Voelkel

Kensico School

Lisa H's idea made me wonder if there could be, in addition to the "Surprise Me" button, a "Dear Abby" for Education button, where a teacher could post a question like, "How do I get my students to read more outside of class?" and a team of education experts could curate video "answers", with the "crowd" also being able to contribute. The ideas/answers could be organized as Christina R. explained above.

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