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How might we make professional development videos easier to find?

In Stage 1, you shared that it can be challenging finding videos that not only fit into your schedule, but also match the subject, grade level, or practice you’re looking for.

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Burlington Senior High School

Short & Sweet with Surfing Built In

Short (less than 6 minute) videos that link to related ideas/videos and an online backchannel, where the conversation keeps going.

Potential Impact

When somebody is in the mindset to learn, just like surfing the web, they could surf the learning channel. Teachers could let others know about nuggets of info they've found on the backchannel connected to a specific video, creating an ad-hoc PLC!

Possible Implementation

Right now, I send out links to video via email. I envision, however, a durative place that allows teachers to send videos & messages to others, as well as chat with other people who have seen the video snippet. I use it to distribute ELL teaching tips, but it could be used for any topic, to launch individual viewers into a wider arena through the backchannel. Teachers become then consumers and creators in one fell swoop


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